Must-Try Aveda Products We LOVE!

February 4, 2019

We’ve probably all had that moment of feeling utterly stumped while walking through the hair product aisles. It’s definitely not an easy task to choose hair products with so many options to choose from! Whether it’s manageability, texture, or definition, we want our products to perform without forsaking quality ingredients. Static Salon is an Aveda Concept Salon; that means we use Aveda’s products, which use natural ingredients and don’t contain harsh chemicals like parabens, phthalates, and certain sulfates. These are our favorite Aveda products that we absolutely love that we think you’ll love to!​




Pramāsana Treatment

RaChelle Daniels, Owner 

“When Aveda first released this two step mask I was excited because living in Southern California we are prone to hard water in our pipes and a dry climate.” 


“I recommend this to anybody with scalp issues or scalp buildup. It helps balance the PH level in your scalp while also depositing moisture.”


“It gently cleanses and exfoliates your scalp. Your scalp feels refreshed with a light tingling sensation. It also elongates your time period between washes because it removes so much buildup!”


“There is a two-step at home treatment that you can use weekly during your shower. In addition to your weekly at home care, we recommend coming into the salon once a month to have the Pramāsana scalp mask done. The mask is a salon service only and is not sold as part of Aveda's retail lines.”  



Botanical Kinetics Purifying Gel Cleanser 


“I wanted to transition to a higher end product to use on my face because I wanted to start taking better care of my skin.” 


“I use it morning and night. First, I wash my skin with warm water and use two pumps to lather all over my skin, scrub for about thirty seconds then rinse with warm water.”


“It leaves your skin feeling clean, smooth and soft! This product does not dry out your skin at all. Anyone who needs a good face cleanser would enjoy this product; I feel it would work on any skin type.”



Texture Tonic 


“My hair is very fine, so I love anything that can add texture and volume. This is one of Aveda’s newer products, so when it came out I was super excited to try it!”


“I like to spray some in my hair when it’s wet and before I blow-dry it. I also use it on my hair the next day to reactivate the texture.”


“Without this product my hair is too soft, won’t hold a style well, and flattens out mid-day. Texture Tonic gives my hair enough grit to hold a style while still leaving my hair feeling soft to the touch.”


“This product is great for anyone who needs extra hold/texture, and it works great to create beach waves.”





Dry Remedy Oil

Shayna Garcia

“I was excited about it since it first came out because not only is it super moisturizing, but also it's Aveda's only hair product that's oil as opposed to a cream.”


“Dry Remedy Oil can be used on both wet and dry hair, by simply emulsifying a few drops into your hands and running it through your hair. It's silicone free and made with buriti oil, so it instantly absorbs into your hair instead of sitting on top coating your hair.” 


“Your hair is instantly moisturized! The product leaves your hair shiny, soft, and smooth.” 


“This product is a must have for anybody who has a balayage or is in the process of going blonde because it helps repair damage. I also recommend it to people with naturally curly hair to help keep their curls moisturized without weighing their hair down.” 



Smooth Infusion Style Prep

Hannah Petersen 

“The first time I tried this product was when I had my hair done at the salon. I loved what it did to my hair, so I use it all the time now.” 


“I apply the product on wet hair before styling, and the product leaves my hair feeling smooth, lightweight, and healthy.”


“I would recommend anyone to try this product, especially if you feel your hair is dry or not as soft as you would like it to be!”



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